Top 4 Tips to Achieve Weight Loss for Elderly

Goal setting

It’s crucial for you to set specific goals when you’re trying to lose weight as a senior. Also, you need to monitor your daily progress using a precise scale. In order to actually accomplish your goals, you must ensure they are specific as well as easy for measuring.

In addition, weight loss can greatly help you to lower your blood pressure levels that can ease up pain associated with osteoarthritis (particularly in your knee area), in addition to regulating your blood sugar if you’re a diabetic.

Drink adequate amount of water

Seniors are at a high risk of getting dehydrated mainly since the hypothalamus – a part of the human brain which regulates thirst and hunger — loses its sensation as we age. So elderly might not even actually realize they’re becoming dehydrated.

Water can play an essential role in digestion & metabolism. When a person gets dehydrated, they might confuse it with hunger & start overeating. This might not go in your favor especially if you’re trying to lose some pounds.

Ensure that you are drinking plain water & not some sugary juices or soft drinks as they contain lots of calories & might not actually help you quench your thirst. You can even add some fresh lime/lemon juice if you’re finding it difficult to drink plain water.

Take protein rich foods

With age, your muscles tend to get weaker and weaker. In order to counteract this loss, it’s vital for the elderly to ensure they are eating a sufficient amount of protein.

Experts recommend that you should try to consume around 30g of protein during every meal.

In case your diet contains plenty of carbs, you might want to more protein into your meals so as to prevent the cravings.

Resistance workouts can also help

Simply eating more protein won’t do much good if you’re looking to counter your muscle loss. It is also crucial to add resistance exercises to your daily routine.

As opposed to cardio workouts, resistance training can prove to be much more beneficial in order to achieve weight loss.

Resistance workouts can besides help improve your body balance avoiding accidental falls as well as injuries.

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