Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison Chart – Easiest Way To Review a Plan


The importance of Medicare Supplement plans comparison before choosing the right plan for you and your loved ones cannot be overstated. It has become very important to find a suitable plan for you as the medical costs are getting higher and higher with the passing of time.  For a policy owner the make – or – break moment happens when they start considering different policies in order to enroll for one.

This is the time for them to consider all crucial aspects so that they can find the best offer that suits their requirement along with their finance.  The Medicare Supplement plans comparison chart helps a person in reviewing all the plans easily and helps them in understanding their benefits and coverage. Let’s find out what you can find in the Medicare Supplement plans comparison chart and how you can read it.

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The Medicare Supplement plans comparison chart comprises the Medigap benefits elaborated along with the Medicare Supplement plans. The comparison chart comprises a column that highlights the core benefits of Medicare Supplement plans and rows with different Medicare plans. The benefits column includes core benefits which are –

  • Medicare Part A hospital and coinsurance costs.
  • Medicare Part B copayment or coinsurance.
  • Blood (only for first three pints).
  • Part A copayment or Hospice care insurance.
  • Skilled Nursing service care coinsurance.
  • Part A Deductible.
  • Part B Deductible.
  • Part B Excess charges.
  • Foreign Travel Emergency (as per defined in the plan limit).

Along with these benefits, the Medicare Supplement plans comparison chart also specifies the Out of Pocket limit in case of Plan K and Plan L.  By viewing the chart you can clearly see which plan covers which benefits and up to what percentage. It is elaborated with “yes”, “No” and with a percentage.

How to read the Medicare Supplement plans comparison chart?

Many times, seniors find it difficult to read or understand the Medicare Supplement plans comparison chart. If you feel the same then here is how you can read the comparison chart. If you can see “yes” in a row of a specific plan then it means that the Medicare Supplement plan covers 100% of the specified benefits. If you can find a percentage in the row then it means that the plan covers the specified percentage of the benefit. If you can see a “No” listed in the row that simply means that the plan does not cover that benefit. It is quite easy to read and understand the chart if you review it carefully.